The Pros of Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever. While it’s debatable if all blondes have more fun, this uber-popular blonde breed makes a solid case. Very seriously, Golden Retrievers have a tendency to live every day as if they may have just found out a pool packed with tennis balls and bacon. And while that sunny disposition is appealing, there are benefits and drawbacks to consider before taking one of the blondies into your home.

Sweet, relaxed, and probably nicer than your grandma. That happy-go-lucky image is no vacant stereotype. This breed is ridiculously good-natured.
Smart and easy to train. Their size, acceleration, agility, and intelligence make sure they are a fun animal to train. Not merely for tricks like slow-dancing with you to Adele, but also service-specific skills for limited-ability companions.

Enjoys large families and young kids. (Unlike 1 / 2 of friends and family.) This breed loves being part of a family group, inside and near the rest of the “pack.”
A perfect family pet sibling. Golden Retrievers conform well to other dogs (including pet cats, rabbits, and other non-dog house dogs) with a more-the-merrier mentality.
Eternal puppy. This breed wants to romp and play and is particularly energetic for the first 3-4 many years of life.
Not barky. Or bitey. But totally dreamy.
1. They’re Simply Beautiful!
One of the top reasons for those who choosing a particular breed of dog over others for a family pet is their looks. And Golden Retrievers credit score very highly in the wonder stakes!

Off their soulful, piercing brown eyes, with their wise looking but always friendly face. But of course more than anything, their flowing, strikingly gold coat.

Nobody can deny the stand out beauty of golden retriever. They look good on the arm of any real human suitor!

Golden retrievers seem to have an almost infinite capacity for love.

There’s without doubt that your pet loves you, as they show it in everything they certainly, from greeting you at the door to sitting at the feet to cheering you up when you are feeling sad.

But, goldens don’t just show love for their own families, they’re pleased to share out the love to anyone and everyone they meet.

3. THEY PROVIDE Us Comfort
A young gal and gold retriever cuddlePhoto credit: © / pitrs10
Getting a golden retriever is similar to having your own personal therapist on call 24 hours per day. These intuitive pups seem to learn when you’re annoyed and need a hairy hug.

They’re better still to talk to than a individuals friend (if you don’t need advice), because they won’t head if you speak about your problems all night on end.

There’s practically nothing more comforting than understanding that you’ve got an excellent four-legged good friend to come home to and show your troubles with.

One of the top 5 smartest dogs in the world, Golden retrievers are believed easy to teach and can learn a lot of directions and tricks.

Certainly you’ll want to understand basic obedience together, nevertheless, you can also impress friends and family with a variety of tricks such as: Learning the labels of and fetching different items, putting away their toys, dancing and even bringing you a drink!

Certainly, being this intelligent breed it does mean you simply have to dedicate to regular training, in any other case those smarts can lead to mischief and misbehavior.

5. They Make Us Laugh
Non-dog people might think it strange when you say your pet is funny, but golden retrievers really do make their people laugh, and isn’t that this is to be funny?

Obviously, they’re not cracking jokes or making witty and astute politics commentaries, however they bring fun and laughter into our lives, whether they’re zooming throughout the house like nobody’s business or trying desperately to match five toys in their mouth in one go.

6. They Help Us Get Some Exercise
Family Walking Dog Through Winter WoodlandPhoto credit: © / monkeybusiness
We all like to feel that we’re disciplined enough to get regular physical exercise but, honestly, we probably wouldn’t go for long daily walks if it wasn’t for our pups.

Goldens need to walk for at a minimum of an hour every day, but can happily go much further, so they get us moving and keep us healthier and healthy.

7. They’re Brave
While goldens aren’t usually the most notable of the list when you think of brave dog breeds, they’re so loyal and caring with their humans they’ll go the extra mile to safeguard them from damage.

You’ll find numerous stories of bravery from these puppies if you look on their behalf. One such story is of a gold retriever known as Figo who put himself between his blind owner and a college bus when it arrived hurtling toward the match. Luckily, Figo emerged through the mishap with simply a broken leg.

8. They Increase Our Lifespan
Various studies have suggested that folks with dogs live longer typically than people who don’t own domestic pets.

There may be several reasons for this, one of the principal ones being that pet owners tend to get more exercise and also have been found to acquire less than average cholesterol levels.

Whatever the reason why, if our canine companions help us to reside longer, that’s another added bonus!

9. They’re ESSENTIALLY THE MOST Enthusiastic People WE REALIZE
A purebred Golden Retriever dog performing without leash outside the house in the type on a sunshiney day.Picture credit: © / Bigandt
If humans acted like golden retrievers do, it might be a strange world indeed!

Members of this breed are so thinking about everyone they meet, everywhere each goes, and everything they see and do this it would almost be annoying if it wasn’t so endearing.

Actually, their enthusiasm forever, the universe and everything is contagious, so spend time with a golden and you’ll soon commence to become one of those cheery glass-half-full people!

10. They Exude Confidence
Confidence can be considered a hard characteristic for humans to come across, nevertheless, you can’t say the same for golden retrievers!

Actually, these dogs are famed for their friendliness and easygoing personalities, which means they tend to be peaceful and confident in all sorts of situations.