How to Choose the Right Dog Treats

As pet owners, we want to show our dogs how special they may be with an intermittent healthy dog treat. Luckily these days there a wide range of tasty and nutritious snacks to choose from. But, how do you determine the right healthy treat for your pet?

Healthy Dog Treats ARE EXCELLENT Rewards
Exactly like humans, our dogs love the casual yummy snack, but it will always be far better to adhere to healthy dog treats. Dog treats are great rewards if you’re training your pet through positive reinforcement dog training. It’s not only wonderful to make a pleasurable experience for your dog, some sorts of treats can help your dog stay healthy. And, there are several treat dispensing dog toys on the marketplace etc.) you can use together with your dog’s favorite snack to provide hours of fun and entertainment for her. You can find, however, several things you should consider when selecting a healthy treat for your dog.

Calories Count
Obesity is one of the most effective growing health issues for dogs in the US – practically half of most pets are overweight. As in humans, obesity may donate to a wide range of health issues, including arthritis, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Overindulgence can be the cause of weight gain in many dogs. It is because we don’t necessarily realize how many treats we give our dogs each day and just how many calories those tasty dog treats really contain. For example, a large biscuit may contain more than 100 calories. A good guideline is to stick with low calorie dog treats, or break larger treats into many pieces to make use of each day. If your dog is overweight, you might consider reducing his dog food and his treat consumption until he reaches a wholesome weight. If you believe your pet is overweight, talk to your vet in what you can do to implement a healthy feeding and workout routine.

Avoid Table Scraps
Resist the urge to sneak Fido snacks from the dining room table. People food is commonly saturated in calories and fat and lower in vitamins and nutrients. What’s more, some people food is dangerous for dogs (like chocolate), plus some products can be at the main of food intolerances including wheat, corn, and soy. Furthermore, feeding your dog from the table can encourage your pet to beg. Regardless of how tempting it is, with regard to your dog’s health, try to never share table scraps with your pup, opt for healthy dog treats instead.

Tips for DECIDING ON THE BEST Dog Treats
Just how do you select the right healthy treat for your dog? Below are a few tips:

To begin with, always buy treats made out of 100 % natural ingredients. Treats loaded with sugar and fat aren’t good for you or your dog! Look for treats created from whole grains like oats or quality, single source proteins like chicken or lamb. Fish is a superb snack for dogs, and it’s low in fat and calories.

Don’t let her fill on dog treats before meals. If you take positive reinforcement training classes with your dog, cut back her dinner portion on class days, when you understand you’ll be feeding her extra treats.

Try giving your dog treats that benefit her health. Many dog treats are actually formulated with supplements like glucosamine which can help maintain joint health insurance and even relieve symptoms of arthritis. Look for bite-sized dog treats that are low in calories.

Don’t let treats constitute more than ten percent of your dog’s diet. Use your best judgment when deciding what dog treats are best for your pup. Figure out how to read labels and check ingredients. Make sure your dog’s overall diet is balanced and nutritious and she’ll be with you for an extended, long time.