How To Assess Hair Extensions

Assessing Hair Extensions Is Easy With These Tips

Hair extensions are a big investment: luxury crown toppers can cost hundreds of dollars. This expense is worth it, provided that your hair toppers meet your high expectations. But how do you know if you are getting the best hair extensions for your buck? By paying attention to the right indicators, you will know if the hair extensions you are considering are worth your money.

Buy 100% Remy Hair Extensions

Luckily, hair extensions are given a rating based on the quality of the materials used. This makes it a lot easier to assess the quality of hair extensions. The grade you want to look for is “100% remy.” This quality indicator is given to real hair extensions made from the highest quality human hair. You should avoid synthetic hair extensions at all costs, as they are cheap and flimsy. 100% remy hair extensions from The Lauren Ashtyn Collection are the way to go.

Buy Handmade Hair Extensions

Even among remy hair extensions, there can still be a range of quality. The best remy extensions are handmade, not machine-made. Handmade hair extensions can last up to three years, while other hair extensions don’t last nearly as long. For high-quality handmade extensions, we recommend The Lauren Ashtyn Collection. This company triple-knots each strand of hair by hand and attaches it to a uniquely engineered micromesh base. The result is long-lasting hair extensions that stay in place. Handmade hair extensions typically cost more than machine-made hair extensions, but women who buy handmade usually save money over time. This is because handmade hair extensions do not need to be replaced as frequently. They also look and feel a lot better than any other hair extensions you will find.

Buy Customizable Hair Extensions

OK, so you’ve found hair extensions that are handmade and 100% remy–what else should you be looking for? Your next step should be to assess how customizable the hair extensions are. The best hair toppers can be fully customized with regard to cut, style, and color. If you are following our advice and buying the highest quality hair extensions, your extensions will last for several years. Your style/taste will likely change during this time. You don’t want to be stuck with hair extensions that you can’t customize at all. Customizable hair toppers give you the freedom to change your look as you please. 

Buy Clip In Hair Extensions

The fourth and final thing that you should assess when buying hair extensions is how those hair extensions attach to your head. Do you clip them in or sew them in. We suggest saying “so long” to sew-ins. Clip in hair toppers are much easier to attach, which saves you lots of time when getting ready. Clip in extensions also do a much better job of staying in place once you attach them. For these reasons, clip ins are the preferred choice for hair extensions. To summarize: handmade, 100% remy, customizable clip in extensions are the way to go.