Benefits of Hiring an Attorney for Your Bid Protest

The purpose of any procurement process is to obtain ‘value for the money.’ Bid protest systems are designed to help. The U.S. Department of Defense, NATO, the EU, UN, OECD, and WTO, all authorize losing bidders to protest public procurements. The threat of a protest is meant to increase government accountability, and encourage vendor participation. An extensive legal and regulatory literature discusses intended benefits of protests, but is surprisingly silent about the expenses. The purpose of this study is to look at both costs and benefits. Military acquisition provides an illustration. The dual objective is to reduce corruption, and maximize competition. Sadly, protest systems can inadvertently discourage both. Moreover, past protests by defense companies have produced significant costs, and triggered dangerous delays of critical defense equipment, materiel, services, and supplies necessary for national security. The static, probabilistic, micro-economic, partial equilibrium, representative bidder model presented in this paper offers a cautionary tale for defense organizations, government agencies, countries, and international institutions that authorize bid protests. The model reveals multiple potential deficiencies of protest systems, and recommends analysis of portfolios of alternatives to remove fraud and favoritism, and increase competition, to improve procurement outcomes.

In today’s competitive environment, bid protests have grown to be an unavoidable step in the government contracts formation process. As your company competes for federal, state, and municipality contracts, there is a good chance it’ll get involved in the bid protest process, whether it’s challenging the conditions and conditions of any solicitation or the award of the contract, or assisting a government agency in defending one of your own contract awards.
The government is the largest procurer of goods on the planet and awards vast amounts of dollars in contracts annually. However, if you are not used to procuring government contracts, you need to understand that government contracts are highly regulated and the bidding process can be challenging. It is vital that construction companies hook up with a lawyer as they pursue Raleigh government construction contracts.

The Federal bid protest lawyer
Projects are awarded to companies by way of a sealed bidding process where government officials evaluate each bid. The bid that delivers the best overall value is awarded the contract. Procuring Raleigh government construction contracts can be problematic for inexperienced contractors. The federal bid process is highly regulated and involves complex legal and technical paperwork. If the application will not meet federal requirements, your bid can be rejected,delivering a blow to your company’s reputation. Many companies lose a huge percentage of the contracts each goes after.

Consult a lawyer for Raleigh Government Construction Contracts
Employing an attorney who understands how to win government contracts is a smart decision as they have an in-depth understanding of the application form process and the government’s guidelines and requirements. An legal professional from Cotney Construction Law can make certain you are properly registered with the right credentials, avoid common bid application pitfalls, and also have a successful technique to increase your chances of winning a government contract.