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Sunergetic has published an informative article on the origin, qualities, and uses of the Berberine formulation. The online company provides comprehensive information in regards to a selection of products and supplements.

Sunergetic is very happy to announce the publication of new content to their website and blog. Articles titled ‘The Beginners’ Guide to Berberine’ contains helpful and comprehensive information regarding the product, its uses and formulation. The business is focused on providing high-quality powerful supplements using impressive and powerful herbs and ingredients. The merchandise contain real ingredients with everyday results. Sunergetic Products believes in harnessing the energy of herbs to generate premium supplements.

PREMIUM MILK THISTLE SUPPLEMENT: Milk thistle is a powerful herb that helps support healthy liver function.* Milk Thistle has been employed by traditional herbalists for years and years. Our Milk Thistle Complex can be studied 1 to three times daily and includes a powerful dose of Milk Thistle Extract and Milk Thistle Powder. Each tablet contains 450mg of Milk Thistle. Visit:

SUPPORTS HEALTHY LIVER FUNCTION: Milk thistle gets the naturally occurring flavonoid Silymarin, which might help support healthy liver function.* Our Milk Thistle supplement supplies the blend of Milk Thistle extract and Milk Thistle Herb Powder. Our Milk Thistle Extract is standardized to 80% Silymarin.

NON-GMO MILK THISTLE: We have confidence in only using high quality Milk Thistle. Our formula is Non-GMO and provides a robust dose of Milk Thistle in one tablet. Our tablets are small and easy to swallow, proclaiming to offer you a convenient way to utilize Milk Thistle. .

Commitment to Quality: Our Milk Thistle Supplement is produced within an FDA registered facility that adheres to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). We are committed to maintaining a superior quality Milk Thistle Supplement.